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Advertising Information

Why Advertise on Talk Radio??

1) Talk 103.1 FM Radio is information radio.

Talk radio is not limited by simply filling gaps between music to convey sponsor’s messages. Advertisers form an integral part of the show and are appreciated by the listeners.

2) Talk Radio 103.1 FM attracts listener loyalty.

People listen for longer periods of time, which means fewer commercials are required to generate frequency of exposure. This leads to awareness and familiarity, which develops trust. This trust then turns to purchase intention.

3) Talk 103.1 FM Radio is foreground and intrusive. 

People listen more attentively with the intent to gather information. When your message is aired, listeners are also gathering information about your business.

4) Talk 103.1 FM Radio is selective. 

It has the ability to contact a mass audience or pinpoint a specific consumer group.

5) Your message is on a completely different platform when you use Talk 103.1 Radio: 

Your message is in an environment people enjoy listening to, and it is something they trust, something they believe in, something they have a common interest in, something they are passionate about. When your message is presented in this environment it is accepted differently than other forms of advertising -it is more welcome, it is perceived as a recommendation, it is nonthreatening, it is suggestive-it is powerful!

6) Schedule a free consultation and use the power of Talk 103.1 Radio to grow your business!



1) The latest radio format study from Scarborough Research, the nation’s leader in local, regional and national consumer information, indicates that almost a quarter (22 percent) of American adults 18+ listen to News/Talk radio.

2) The study also reveals better-educated and affluent individuals are more likely to be News/Talk radio listeners. 

3) Over 80 percent of News/Talk radio listeners own their residence.

4) Investing is an important trait for News/Talk radio listeners.  Close to half (45 percent) have invested in a mutual fund, and News/Talk listeners are 48 percent more likely to use a full-service or discount broker.

5) News/Talk radio listeners like to stay active. Close to two-thirds (63 percent) walk for exercise while over half (53 percent) enjoy gardening. Other leisure activities that rank high among News/Talk radio listeners are swimming (35 percent), photography (28 percent) and bicycling (26 percent).